“Is your current dispute so raw with emotion that you just can’t get the resolution you are seeking?”


Gill made a very difficult and stressful process as good as it could be and the outcome was a good one. The mediators made a decisive difference through understanding, impartiality, skill and compassion.
All parties agreed that Gill handled the situation extremely well. It has crested the potential for new beginnings. Thank you.

How Mediation Works?

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Client Client Client

The Mediator’s skills made a decisive difference addressing an imbalance of power to create a neutral atmosphere.

I believe we both felt heard and could safely speak our positions knowing that the strength of the mediator could control things if they got out of hand.

The mediator is very good at juggling others emotions and helping the client manoeuvre them into thoughts and future actions.

Gill is thorough and succinct, kind and professional.

“You’re in good hands.”