April 23, 2017


As a High School Educator, I have experienced many children who are greatly affected by conflict in areas of their lives.

Home, school, the playground, social media etc. are having traumatic consequences on our children creating conflict which leads to deep distress, depression and behaviours which signify their troubles.

Educational institutions have a policy about everything but most don’t have a policy or the know-how on resolving conflict.

Bringing in a mediator / conflict manager to assist in resolving some of the children’s issues with other students, families or with teachers is the beginning of assisting these kids build for a stable learning environment and a confident, successful future.

Often there are sensitive issues at the core, including bullying; discrimination; negligence; admission, omission and exclusion of pupils; examination results as well as management and team relationship issues.

Impact of conflict can be felt widely in any educational environment so give Gill a call now and lets have a confidential chat about what is possible.

“There is a great deal of supporting evidence for the proposition that conflict resolution training can change children’s lives academically as well as socially. The embedding of effective social emotional learning and conflict resolution skills in students can give teachers more tools and time to help students to reach their best performance in terms of learning outcomes. In addition, neuroscientists argue that emotional knowledge and empathy skills are desirable in the education process on the basis that when emotions are involved in the learning experience, there is a greater and more accurate recollection of the information learned.”

(Melinda Shirley Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia)

“You’re in good hands.”