April 23, 2017

Wills & Estates

Grief, emotion, the loss of a loved one, the sorting of their estate and their wishes.

The reading of a will can often be one of the most distressing circumstances you can find yourself in.

Whether you have a power of attorney, enduring guardianship, be a beneficiary or feel as though you have not been acknowledged in a will, this can be an extremely traumatic time that will potentially eat away at the core of you, for not only your lifespan but generations to come.

Call gill your mediator, at Logical Mediation to have a confidential discussion on how mediation can assist in resolving any disputes with Estates & Wills.

It is human nature to have expectations and these may or may not be realised with the death of a loved one which can lead to emotionally charged disputes.

The mediation process will assist with calming and clarifying the dispute to allow self-determination to resolve expectations of participants and to respect the wishes of your loved one.

In any emotionally charged environment it is extremely easy to give consent even though it may not be in your best interests at the time.

The mediation process will enable you to have a voice, regain empowerment and clarity in making these life changing decisions and to assist in the family healing enduring rifts, creating new avenues of communication and resolution.


“You’re in good hands.”